Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Watchers for the 12-8-10 trading session


NXTH/CLRH revisited. See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. Every day this beast continues to advance, it will be on short watch. Busting 2 was a bit scary, though. I had assumed it was toast with a pulled rug once we hit that, but the beat went on yet again. Actually, if you read my comments from the past many days since it has been on scan, you will get the big picture of the landscape here. What a pump.


Another nice pumper, I am looking to fade a massive sell dump or conventional weakness cues, which will be most practical if it opens barely green or flat and then goes red. Second straight hod close. Patience is a virtue for shorts, unless you like being squeezed. Once the dump fix is in, the wheels come off the wagon, though.


Street Sweeper pan gave this the blues lately, but the daily doji print might mean a bounce up might be in the offing if bargain hunters arrive. Down more after hours, the key is how it deals with today's daily low (2.02) if tested. If we hold 2 and bounce up off it, a pull back long with an EOD exit might work out. If we take 2 out tomorrow, more down side might be coming. A live price action situation. A new 52's low, be aware.


Another easy/quick feedback potential chart pattern here. Some resistance around 2.70-2.75 to test. If we fail there, a short beckons. If we take and hold it, a long is calling. The next ceiling is like 2.94ish on that, via an August collapse over a few deep red sessions.


Retook 50 day simple moving average. Up after hours. I would not buy a gap up, but this could have a bit more left tomorrow. Any pull back entry long holding 1.50 might suffice, if it fails to hold I am flat. Ideally, we see a repeat of today's price action in effect, with early spiking up to long scalp into and profit taking sells.


Red floater scan return. Plan is to short into conventional confirmed weakness cues, rather than top fish. If we open nominally green or flat and go red, that would simplest. Keep flat on greening. I doubt we see panic selling, just a boring fade at best. These can be shorted and exited EOD perhaps.


Hard to believe a stock up over 515% can go higher, but it can. Press release catalyst helped this mass insanity to thrive. I would like to see more idiots arrive from the bell or early to at least scalp up into. Depending on how it holds up, it might be held longer, maybe even EOD. Obviously, it could be profit taken tomorrow, but I am flat on negative waters here at this point. I need to see tons of bullish volume early, though to jump in on green.

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