Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Watchers for the 1-12-11 trading session


First red day Supernovae. Plan is to play for more down side on initial or early weakness or massive dumping on volume as a short. Or to fade conventional confirmed falter cues, assuming it opens flat, up or down slightly. As usual, hope against a big gap either way. Stay flat on morning strength and a strong character. Should have bit more as it fell only 4% today.


Supernovae still maturing. Biggest volume yet, so it might not be done. If afraid, box and drop. Avoid trying to top fish. Chase bloody waters, not sharks. Big gaps again not ideal, especially as they tend to encourage top fishing. A fade on massive early sell dumps and confirmed weakness cues. These things often go on longer than is sane, but entering long now is a bit daring. Wait for the wheels to start coming off, then enter.


Usually a popped Supernovae that corrects this much on the fall day is D.O.A. as a target the next day, but since it will never see "0.50 cent" now (pun intended!) and the illusion and charm seems to be evaporating, it might work after the first red day here. Ideal is a flat or barely green or red open, followed by a big move down on volume to short into. Avoid longs and big gaps, especially upward ones. Fade on morning panic or conventional confirmed weakness cues, and go out and buy yourself a 'Gangsta rapper to appear on CNBC.


This should be in play both ways tomorrow. First, if more fools arrive on this oldie but goodie, we might see an initial spike up to longs scalp into. I suspect it will not be an all day hold, as it will at best duplicate on a smaller scale (95% up move) the feat of closing off of the highs or even below its open next time. Next, it will be a short on top fishing those spiking candles for the brave if the first prediction comes true. Also possible is a flat or nominally up or down open, and then a heavy volume dump, allowing a fade on confirmed weakness cues. If the aforementioned top fishing fade arises, a big gap will for once be desirable, believe it or not.


Nice 52's break out. Might have a bit more upside to chase on a red to green, etc. Next stop 12. Good volume and range on the daily candle. Avoid shorts on faltering. Up after hours, it might gap up instead. An initial fall to fill that might still see a move above the flat line to positive. EOD exit if holds up, scalp it if not.


Volume is fading, and it closed below its open today. We might see an actual red day soon, maybe Wednesday. A fade on early heavy selling pressure or typical confirmed weakness cues. Ideally, this opens flat or barely green or red and moves down in earnest. Avoid longs, or big gap entries, although a decent gap down is less worse than the reverse to fade into. Always remember to short a wounded animal, not a tiger.


A stock that seldom holds its moves up. The volume on the rise has been especially modest. Probable ceiling at 3.50 or so which might be top fish faded if it fails there. Recent high is like 3.74 so not much squeeze space to that, so shorting is even more attractive. Also a fade on confirmed weakness cues or heavy volume dumps. Avoid longs, or entries on big gaps, unless fading a gap up bucking up meekly against the above resistances.

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