Thursday, January 06, 2011

Trade review 1-5-11

I got some of them right...



Opening on a gap down hod, this otherwise played out to perfection as it soon fell and never traded above its opening price. Even gentle declining followed into the close, which was red by nearly 15% today.


Another gimmie as this one opened barely green and soon went red. It flattened out and gradually inched a up a bit to finish off of the exact lows, but still down by over 2.5% today.


Although this opened on a clear gap down, as suspected, it was the hod, and it began to falter by premarket and out of the bell. Bounces were just new entries short as the high held on a weak willed test. Decay as hum drum but measured, it closed red by over 18.5% today.


I win on this pick literally 100% of the time. Second day moves never are a charm except for down as a lock! Opening on a gap down, it tanked from near the gun, later flattening out and gradually rising to finish off of the lows, but still red by nearly 7.5% today. Recovery moves were never green at any point. Easy money, folks.



A failure. Opening on a gap down, this eventually went red to green, but it decayed soon after a nice pop over the flat line and then actually reddened nominally into the close. Finished red by less than 1 half of 1 percent today. Possibly not the end of the break out, it might just be resting, waiting to hold its gains soon.



I got both the direction right and the 7 test. I was right to reject any kind of short. Problem is although this was a win for patient longs, it did not play out as I anticipated. Flat action from the start on a gap down went sideways. No scalp up was possible. It eventually went red to green, but halfway in, not early. It closed off of its highs, but still up nearly 3% today. Arguably a win, but more fairly described as a push. Taking profits at 7 was sensible, as it closed under that soon after testing it successfully.


I got the call and direction right, but it never should have been on my list. Opening at the hod and flat relative to the previous session close at the hod, this soon fell and stayed flat into the finish, which appeared to be not a full day. Not sure how this made it on my scan given the volume, but that big detail and how it visually printed meant no trade was possible, so this a push. I got the trade right completely, though. I apologize for the inclusion mistake, guys. Red finish by over 14% today.

Even my unofficial play GCFB was interesting, a top fish, but admittedly hard to time. It soared over 25% by the close and is up after hours another 8%+ as of writing this. It's now a Supernovae with good fade potential.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2


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