Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Watchers for the 1-6-11 trading session


New Supernovae scan return, but made my list last time unofficially. Now it is box and drop time, now up over 3.5% after hours. A fade on massive early sell dumps and confirmed weakness cues. These things often go on longer than is sane, but entering long now is a bit daring. Usually shorting weakness not strength is best.


Might not be done yet, as volume still strong on the buy side, but this is over extending. Nice novel product, not great management. A fade on confirmed weakness cues and massive sell dumps. Avoid longs other than initial or early spike up scalps. This should be a good short once it begins to run out of gas.


Another oldie but goodie. Not sure how I missed the move yesterday, but at any rate some resistance from 1.14-1.25 so above this can be used for stop placement strategies by shorts. Down after hours, the best potential short is a break under 1.00 on volume and holds. Also a fade on confirmed weakness cues and massive sell dumps. Avoid longs other than initial or early spike up scalps.


A conditional entry here. At long last, this incher is beginning to hesitate. Long swings should consider taking profits if in from on the break of 2 and certainly should if in from even earlier. A fade on confirmed weakness cues and massive sell dumps.It will be interesting to see how well this holds up with bigger hands. Are they gonna dump or support this Ponzi scheme? If it makes a nhod the beat might continue, but eventually shorts will get their just desserts if patient enough to only enter with blood in the water. Congrats to those who caught today what many hope has legs tomorrow.


Remember this one? The last time we had an up day gapper with a close lower the open it corrected. Bag holders on the death drop sessions a few moons ago might want to sell off soon. 2 was the hod and a nice psychological selling point. Some resistance a 2.11 anyway. A fade on early heavy volume dumping, and confirmed weakness cues. Keep flat on greening/strength. Amazing recovery, I must admit, from the dump.


Nice break out with new 52's. I'm looking for some follow through here, if it holds up. Long on early strength or spiking for a scalp at minimum or an EOD exit if it sustains. Also possible early red to green long. If it looks quite weak early or dives, I am just in cash. A flat or modest gap is alright, but not a big on either way. A session like December 16 (after a break out day) would suffice.


Retested and beat 2.75 (November 11) high for new 52's but closed under it in a correction period. Up after hours to 2.79 and this might break out above the nhod and keep going. At least good enough for a DT. Place a stop below the close today a bit and go long on a new high and holds. Avoid shorts, if it looks weak stay in cash. An early red to green is possible if it loses some of the padding within reason, no big gaps are good.

Unofficially, keep an eye on DUNR which greened over 57% today from a tight chart. It might be an early scalp long on initial or first few minutes in spiking up. Possible retest of 0.75 and a bit more if it beats that. Also a short on an immediate or early dump sell, (not into top fishing spikes) but I hope the long entry arises.

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