Thursday, January 06, 2011

Trade review 1-6-11

I got a few picks right...



Opening on a gap up at the hod, this closed well off of the lows, but most probably covered well before the close. Still, it finished red, though only by less than 1 half of 1 percent. Hammer print on the daily.


A perfect play that opened on the hod on a gap up, then dived fast to red. It intensified into the close, which was red by nearly 7.5% today.


I never lose on this one, either. Opening on a bit of a gap down a cent off of the hod, this fell fast, falling a buck and staying red into the close, which was negative by 12.5% today.



I thought it had topped, and it might yet fall shortly, though 2 itself was not the ceiling and it finished green by over 4.5% today. I got the timing and direction wrong. Opening on a gap up, it never reddened, but while I could claim this as a push due to no clear fade signal, the call was premature.


A loss despite finishing green by nearly 1.5% today. Opening on a gap up, its choppy price action could have faked out shorts when it went red and back a few times during trading. Even a late spike surge failed.



Opening on a modest gap up at the lod, it never went red to yield a viable shorting cue, so a flat stance was suggested. Another boring, narrow range candle that inched up, closing green by over 2% today.


I got the direction and timing right, though it finished green very barely in terms of cents, with a gap accounting for the rest in a positive close of over 1% today. The open was less than the close as well, but it ultimately finished narrowly higher. Opening on a gap up, it looked strong early and conservative sellers who were long banked. But it went red late. Although it recovered and even greened, it merits a push at best.

My unofficial pick DUNR opened on a gap up at the hod and crapped. It recovered into the close, to finish green by almost 1.5% but it did not excite folks today.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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