Monday, February 07, 2011

Trade review 2-7-11

I got some of them right today...



One of the most reliable day trade shorts occurred in textbook fashion today on this. An "afternoon fade" when in the last few hours it went red and sold off even more into the close, which was down by over 7% today although it closed off of the lows. It opened on a gap up, and advanced immediately, so it looked like today was not it for shorts yet again. But it later corrected in a warning signal then it dived under its opening price and the previous close, after which it was off to the races. Great volume on the dump on the low floater.


Opening flat near the hod, it dumped from the gun on morning panic that kept trading below the opening price after the initial 5 minute noise window. It later bounced and began to descend again, which lasted into the close, that was red by over 37.5% today.


Easy money for longs as this gap up began climbing from the gun from near the lod. It continued to green into the close, which was positive by nearly 7% today.



A whipsawing fake out loss which some probably banked on, if they closed out in the morning. Looked like it was over today (although the volume was not suggestive of a true dump) when the gap down soon fell and did so beyond the initial 5 minute nose candle. It fell even more, and if shorts closed conservatively, they did alright. Then came the bounce which greened and possibly stopped out some nervous shorts. The high did not take out the previous session one, so some might not have exited. Most of the day it stayed red, but greened into the close, which was positive by less than 1 half of 1 percent. Arguably a push, but technically a loss.


A clear loss on a whipsaw fake out, when this opened on a gap down, immediately powered green and seemed to want to hold, peaked early and fell back negative. It stayed that way and kept fading, closing down nearly 3% today.



Both of these advanced right from the gun, at or near the lod, so they were non-entries for shorts. Yes, they could have been scalped, and I noted this strong possibility in this type of case, so it's arguably a win, but it's at least a push. After some sideways moves lasting into the close, both greened more than 13% today.


This closed green by over 18.5% today. No entry for shorts on the daily doji print that closed unchanged relative to the open. It opened on a gap up, that never fell red and most all of the gain was lost in it. It traded essentially sideways most of the session.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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