Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trade review 3-8-11

I got some picks right today...



This nicely panicked early and often, then went sideways an down the rest of the way, en route to a negative finish of over 14.5% today. Opened at the hod so it was pretty straight forward.


This dumped out of the gate signaling a weak day, then rebounded on lesser volume in contained fashion. It resumed a gradual decline that lasted into the close, which was south by over 14.5% today.


This opened flat near the hod and began to decay at once, falling red. It greened for 1 5 minute candle nominally, and then fell back under for good. A weak finish helped shorts, as it closed south by nearly 6% today.


Opening on a gap down under 2, it looked weak at the gun. It began diving nicely at once and then traded sideways most of the rest of the way. Easy money and price action as this closed down over 14.5% today.


Easy money as this yielded gravy downside for shorts. A gap down looked weak from the beginning, and it started consistently trading underneath the opening price level. A nice even decay followed all day as it eventually closed south by over 11% today.



A whipsaw loss. Gap down open soon went red to green, but it did not last. It fell back under the flat line and crept back over, then fell again for good. True, it stayed only nominally red, but still negative by over 1% today. Such a fake out could have lost some money for several longs.


Another fake out loss as this gap up began to crap then fell red. It continued to fall past the initial 5 minute noise candle, albeit gently. Then it sprung back green and mostly held, touching the flat line or dipping under on 1 candle then returning positive. It hung above the flat line all day, closing north by over 2% today.



Daily record: W-5 L-2-P-0


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