Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trade review 4-15-11

I got some of them right on Friday...



A gap down open began to fall early and then moved sideways most of the day before tanking late in the afternoon. It rebounded a bit into the close, which was still negative by over 3.5% on Friday.


Shorts got their chance nicely as this gap up hit 6+ briefly and tanked on the initial 5 minute noise candle going red. It rebounded, eventually dipping positive and essentially hugging the flat line before closing weakly to finish down by over 2.5% on Friday. Most probably exited on the rebound with larger cover gains.


Longs got their wish as a gap up and go from the lod arose. It kept rising all morning then went sideways most of the day. It closed weakly but still positive by over 6% on Friday.



Some might argue I won on this due to the final numbers. Being perhaps the most honest blogger in finance, I disagree. After 30 minutes it continued its dive from a gap open and green to red move. This could have faked out some shorts. It roared back and made new highs, before closing weakly, but ultimately positively, by over 2% on Friday.


Some shorts could have been sucked in on the beginning of the 2nd 5 minute candle or on its dips in and out of negative territory, before it finished green by over 4% on Friday.


A gap up open began to fall at once. This lasted more than 5 minutes, possibly sucking some shorts in. Then it went red to green for good. It closed weakly, lower than its open, but still positive by over 3.5% on Friday.


This fell out of the box, but reversed course, actually going green late morning. It could not hold its gains and basically fell back and hugged the flat line most of the day. After a weak close, it failed for longs in theory. It's essentially a push, but legally a loss, having closed down by less than 1 half of 1 percent.



Daily record: W-3 L-4-P-0


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