Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trade review 5-24-11

I got some picks right today...



A gap down open went sideways early then fell, never regaining the flat line. It recovered later briefly but did not green, so shorts still holding were unlikely to have been stopped out. A weak close ended the day down over 15% today.


A flat open printed the lod on the noise candle and it just rose from then on, holding green. Closed weak but and off the highs but still positive by over 3.5% today.



A clear whipsaw loss for longs, who saw early upside reverse on them late morning, with a spectacular dump ensuing. It closed off the the lows, but still negative by over 35% today. Was a great play for shorts, though.



Most longs might have passed on this one, which looked a bit weak early on. A red to green move finally happened in the 1st hour, but it went sideways most of the way. The entry point would have been close to what it closed at, so a wash. In the afternoon it briefly took 5, but closed weak to end up a bit less than 1% today.


Shorts never got a play off as this opened at the lod and started up immediately. A few pull backs held the initial lows and it closed positive by nearly 26.5% today. A no play push.


It did look weak early, but less than an hour in a red to green move yielded a long entry. This kept going a while, peaked, then faded most of the way. It closed up a bit less than 1% today, though most entries broke even at best. Most probably avoided it when it fell under 9.75 early on but shorts were not applicable here.


Longs had no play here. The resistance level was never challenged, with a sizable gap down playing a part. It gradually faded off, but most of the gain on a fade happened in the final minutes, so most shorts would have probably given up by then. Closed down by over 13.5% today, the gapper did not help matters. A no play.

I nailed off table pick HRZ essentially calling the bottom. Opening nearly at the lod, it rose over 40% today. TBBC rose early, but faked out longs, as it fell red a 1/2 hour in and kept tanking, closing down over 5% today. If you used my stop suggestion, you lost a lot less than if you had closed EOD. HENC never challenged 0.50 but closed negative by 8% today with hard to figure price action. A mixed bag on these ones.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4


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