Monday, July 04, 2011

Trade review 7-1-11

I got a couple of picks right on Friday...



A textbook win as this opened on a gap up at the lod and soared out of the gate. It peaked early, closing off of the high, but still green by over 8% on Friday.


A typical weak open on an annual high stock that went red to green about an hour and change in, and aside from a bit more noise, drove up slowly into the close, which was positive by over 1% on Friday.



A gap up filled fast with early weakness, then went red to green. But longs were faked out as this soon peaked and gradually decayed the rest of the way, eventually going red. Finished down by 0.5% on Friday.


A gap down open slowly decayed a spell for an entry. It squeezed a bit, even greening, but never approached taking out the previous session high. The problem was most entries lost since when it retraced and reddened it stayed negative but above the probable entry level areas. A tough loss. It closed south by over 7% on Friday.


This looks like a win, but it's a loss (nominally) due to my trigger price which it closed under by a cent. Opening on a gap up, it tried to fill and held, then it began to print solid green candles. That did not last, and it went sideways and slightly down the rest of the way. Closed positive by over 3% but that was deceptive.



A flat open never triggered, falling red on the noise candle and did not close the gap. It was a no play that closed south by over 1% on Friday.


A flat open rose very early but meekly. It did not make more new yearly highs or spike. It rapidly peaked and slowly drifted south, eventually going red late and closing down over 0.5% on Friday. A flat stance was clear. Most longs probably broke even if they entered early.

My off table pick MSVP finished unchanged relative to the previous session close. It essentially just continued to consolidate as feared. Selling volume fell off considerably. No trigger occurred, hence a push.

Daily record: W-2 L-3-P-2


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