Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trade review 7-28-11

I got some of these plays correct today...



A gap up at the hod fell a minute or 2, then rose to green slightly. Soon it fell green to red, for the short. It fell gently most of the way, then it rose into the close a bit to finish red by close to 2% today. The probable entry point was likely nominally profitable after commissions.


A flat open and crap ensued for an easy short once it consistently printed under the opening price level. It fell evenly all day, en route to a down close of over 27.5% today.


An easy win for longs as 2 was crushed on a spike up early and it had more upside to follow. It soon retreated all the way to the flat line but that essentially held and a long march up followed that made even higher highs. Closed positive by by almost 19% today.


Another gimmie when this began to decay early from a gap down. It then panicked for more gravy, before rebounding on a washout of sorts that yielded a play in the other direction, too. I preferred just the short, and the rebound luckily ended under the probable earlier entry on the fade. Closed red by over 3.5% today.


A clean 1 cent gap down and crap dump from the hod for the fade ensued when the long did not arise. It steadily fell all day, en route to a negative close of over 19% today. Confirmed weakness cues were evident.



A gap down erasing the whole session of last time eventually filled and even greened, faking out longs when it triggered. But it did not last, all of it coming in the final hour or so which collapsed into the close. It ended south by over 4.5% today.


Arguably a push, given the green close of over 0.5% today, I am calling it a loss. A flat open gradually rose after early weakness, greening. Most entries were at a price that was equal to the close, which means after commissions it was a net loser. True, a second rise green just before the close provided another exit above that level which made a new high, but any close in the last 10 minutes would have been questionably afloat.



Daily record: W-5 L-2-P-0


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